Birgitta trained initially as a Pianist, Accompanist and Vocal Coach at the Royal Academy of Music in the mid-eighties. Since then she has re-trained in the fields of Musical Theatre and Cabaret, and has also become well-known for her work as a choral trainer, presenter, and composer-arranger.

Following a hefty Classical Training in London, Birgitta moved to Suffolk where she worked extensively as a solo pianist/ singer and teacher (with a smattering of work on her supporting instrument, the violin), and founded the intrepid Youth Choir “The Voice Squad”. This group grew, and enthusiasm for performances of Musicals became part of the regular remit. At this time she also became a member of Suffolk-based ensemble “Octave” performing all over East Anglia, and worked in partnership with her father, Counter-Tenor Norman Kenyon who has been a major inspiration for her musical aspirations.

Birgitta has continuously followed various courses of training in order to further her skills as a leader and as a performer, attending both the Guildford School of Acting and Wellington College on a plethora of courses and summer schools, training in Tap Dancing – which is now a passion – and ballet, and even taking a stage lighting and design course. In 2006 she took a year out to attend a full-time Post-Graduate Course in Acting and Musical Theatre at the Hertfordshire Theatre School, and work-wise has not looked back!

Now based in London, she is in demand in both the Classical and Theatrical areas of her skill base, appearing regularly as a singer, pianist, actress, conductor, presenter and MD. In her spare time (!) she writes and arranges music, and is just branching out into the written word.

Enjoy taking a little turn around this website, and if you’d like any further information regarding anything Birgitta has to offer, please feel free to drop her a line!