Birgitta has a proven track record in this role, from motivating an audience of 5,000 children in the Royal Albert Hall to participate in massed voice performances, to taking an ailing choir and putting it back on its feet.


Here are some examples:

  • She works with adults in the workplace, in choirs for promoting team-work and energised spirit.
  • She visits companies who are preparing full-scale musicals, and energises, advises and motivates individuals, ensembles and directors towards a rewarding final product.
  • She is valuable in her role as Musical Director in professional theatre and on the concert platform. Her work in teaching notes and harmonies is thorough, quick and reliable, and she is imaginative and creative in matters of interpretation and communication, giving her groups the facility for slick, animated and meaningful performances.
  • She devises brand new work in a creative forum with energy and imaginative flair, bringing new experiences to audiences and performers alike.
  • She has run countless workshops for adults with Parkinson’s Disease, to give them confidence and a sense of belonging, to help strengthen their voices and diction, and to give enjoyment where it may be thin on the ground in an everyday sense.
  • She has trained numerous ensembles of disabled performers, both children and young adults. Here she assesses the individual abilities and needs of the members, and tailors the group to function within these parameters, giving enjoyment, challenges and a sense of achievement to participants.
  • She has visited schools and helped to refocus choirs by energising, giving technical advice and new repertoire ideas. Various Mentoring projects (see www.thevoicesquad.org.uk) have involved her own teenage students, who bring much joy, experience and flair to these occasions.
  • She has run Singing Activities Days in schools, teaching children of all ages and bringing them together in exhilarating final performances.


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