Choral Projects

Birgitta has been employed by various bodies to mentor and help create new choirs. This she does solo, or with the assistance of experienced Youth Singers from her own Award-Winning Choir, “The Voice Squad”.



Projects have included:

Mentoring 3 Primary Schools in milton Keynes, ending in a Showcase at the Milton Keynes Football Stadium Ballroom (3-month Project Founded by “Choir Of The Year”)

Mentoring 3 Middle Schools in Essex, ending in a Showcase at the Festival Hall (3-month Project Funded by “Sing Up”)

Beyton Middle School, Suffolk: a term mentoring and building a new choir.

Singing for the Nervous, an Adult confidence-Building project based in Ipswich(Project Funded by “Sing Up”)

“A Smile And A Song”, confidence and physical technique-building for Parkinsons Disease Sufferers in Suffolk – a series of workshops.

Week’s Course in Derry (funded by Music4Uth), working in the Disabled Childrens’ Sector

Ruthie Henshall Carer Summer School (employed by and working with Ruthie Henshall for a week, with a showcase at DanceEast in Ipswich).



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